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I dedicate this work to the people whom they had to hold that it dedicated less time to them to be able to release it and to do what you have ahead: my family, Goyi, that chose to hold to me many years ago already; Inma, Al and Alvaro, that did not choose it, but have had (and they have) that to support it, and Antonio, because be here also it would have it to make.
I thank for to much people the possibility of writing this: single I could not get to have the necessary experience, not to say to develop the also necessary work, to make it. Whatever knows Teresa Diaz or Mª Jesus Besteiro can corroborate it. And to the students who made and follow make possible the celebration of these fairs of science. If anyway short to the mentioned ones he is not here because there is no more, but to ter the excuse of the lack of extension for the foreseeable forgetfulnesses that he would have between the amount of people whom can mention. So, these before said are in the representation of all those that do not appear.
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